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What Do You Say, Little Blue Truck? Sound Book

What Do You Say, Little Blue Truck? Sound Book

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Get ready to moo, baa, and beep with the #1 New York Times bestselling Little Blue Truck in this interactive sound book! The friendly Little Blue Truck beeps hello to all of his animal friends in this all-new, original story. How will each of his friends say hello back? Do they beep like Blue--or will they say something new? Come along for the ride and enjoy learning about animal noises with eight sound buttons and loads of read-aloud fun! This sound book is the perfect gift for young children and new readers. Includes volume control, and an on/off switch to conserve battery life. Use this special sound book to: create a multi-sensory reading experience for your little oneinvite hands-on interaction with tactile, colorful buttons listen and learn the sounds of seven farm animals: pig, sheep, chicken, duck, goat, horse, and cow!
Pages: 20
Ages: 0-3

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