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Unkown Mile

Unkown Mile

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On the surface, Jessie's world seems pretty normal. But the truth is, it's getting more and more complicated by the moment. A confidant and engaging martial arts instructor, Jessie isn't quite prepared for the changes that are about to happen in her world. First there's Shannon, the woman in the Army reserves who has Jessie in a tightly wound sexual relationship fueled by their fresh lust. Then there's her growing fascination with Gina, a rookie cop who just happens to be Shannon's best friend... And in the middle of it all is the mysterious Rick, who approaches Jessie with an offer, and eventually lures her into a world of mystery and intrigue from which she can't possibly escape...But does she even want to? The Unknown Mile plays romance and passion against the backdrop of espionage in the form of an unsolved murder and gay political action groups. First time author Jaime Clevenger brings a fresh and unique new style to this genre.
Pages: 320
Ages: 11-14

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